Day 99: An Endorsement Cascade?

Today, the Houston Chronicle — Hearst’s largest daily paper — endorsed Hillary Clinton: a paper that rarely endorses Democrats for President (Barack Obama was the first Democrat the paper endorsed since LBJ in 1964) and never endorses this early in the cycle.

The Chronicle editorial page does not typically endorse early in an election cycle; we prefer waiting for the campaign to play out and for issues to emerge and be addressed. We make an exception in the 2016 presidential race, because the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is not merely political. It is something much more basic than party preference.

My question is this: how many editorial boards throughout the country will let Oilpatch’s Pennysaver have the jump on them?  Will this endorsement by Texas’s Number Two daily paper begin a groundswell of massive early endorsements from newspapers? Papers whose boards realize Our Liberal Media has abrogated their responsibility in 2016 by enabling Donald Trump to achieve his hostile takeover of the GOP?

(Also: Will the Houston Chronicle’s reporters be permitted to continue to cover the Trump campaign?)

Who’s gonna let the Houston Chronicle be out there, alone, for very long?  Will other Editorial Boards across the country recognize their imperative: step in, help Americans realize the stakes, highlight the difference this election means to America?  Who else will be responsible, right now?

Or will they continue to pretend to be spectators, acting as if they didn’t help this happen to our country?

We’ll see.


3 thoughts on “Day 99: An Endorsement Cascade?

  1. Peterr

    Lots of people are wondering about the reactions of other Republicans to Trump’s comments about the Khans, but you’ve put your finger on a very different issue that few are willing to talk about. Listening to NBC reporter Katy Tur in a roundtable discussion on the Sunday Today show just now, I was stunned that she used the word “lie” to talk about something Trump said.

    Could it be that the members of the media are waking up and don’t want to be remembered as spectators?

  2. teddypartridge Post author

    Oh, look here!

    “Heaven help America were, unthinkably, Clinton to fail. She is all that stands between the United States of America and never-before-seen proof that the Founding Fathers weren’t all that they’ve been cracked up to be…. No one has been more devastating to Trump than Khizr Khan, Muslim father of Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who died a hero in Iraq at the age of 27. Offering Trump a copy of the U.S. Constitution on the convention stage, Khan said, “Donald Trump, you have sacrificed nothing.”

    “As the convention closed, a fired-up Clinton was well poised to inspire the uninspired, to build a governing mandate for the economic revival that America so desperately awaits and to calm the furies that plague the nation.”


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