Day 96: “What is this, an intervention?”

Yeah, we’ve all heard it.

In popular culture, we’ve seen it in the movies or on television, or we’ve read it in books or even in magazine headlines at the checkout stand.  Some of us have even been on one side or another of that question ourselves in real life!  And the answer — if the adoring assembled don’t immediately yell “Surprise! Happy Birthday!”–  usually is, “Yes [yournamehere] it is.  We care about you and we’re worried.”

Who to include is always a challenge.  You want to bring close friends and family members who will model good behavior as you work through the challenge of getting the object of the intervention to recognize, acknowledge, and agree to face the issues.  Not everybody who participates needs to be always-sober, or currently drug-free, or completely free of anger issues (depending upon the reason for the intervention).  But you need some stalwarts who can help steer the ship.

Key Republicans close to Donald Trump’s orbit are plotting an intervention with the candidate after a disastrous 48 hours led some influential voices in the party to question whether Trump can stay at the top of the Republican ticket without catastrophic consequences for his campaign and the GOP at large.

“Influential voices” you say?  So who has RNC chair Reince Priebus corralled into being a part of this admittedly very challenging assignment?  What upright, steady, forthright citizens among party elders does the RNC chair want to have next to him when he faces Donald Trump about his “issues?”

Republican National Committee head Reince Priebus, former Republican New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich are among the Trump endorsers hoping to talk the real estate mogul into a dramatic reset of his campaign in the coming days, sources tell NBC News.

Because when I think of without-ego, selfless, steady-headed public servants, these two guys spring to mind.

Good luck, Reince: you’ll be lucky to come out of that room alive.




One thought on “Day 96: “What is this, an intervention?”

  1. Peterr

    Let’s see . . . how would Manafort and the GOP leaders reach Trump? Maybe with an intervention approach like this . . .

    * * *
    Manafort: “Mr Trump, you’re such a great, amazing, unbelievably outstanding guy.”

    Donald: “Yeah? You’re point is . . .?”

    Preibus: “You’re so great, that it’s kind of overwhelming to ordinary folks.”

    Donald: “I could see how that could be true.”

    Manafort: “Could be? Mr Trump, looking at you when you are at your most amazing is like looking at the sun. It’s blinding, even painful.”

    Donald: “Uh . . .”

    Giuliani: “You can’t go around blinding folks to your brilliance. You’ve got to take pity on these poor people, and dial it back a little bit.”

    Donald: “I don’t know . . .”

    Gingrich: “Mr. Trump, there’s an old story in the bible that when Moses came down the mountain after talking with God . . .

    Donald: “Moses? Who is this ‘Moses’?

    Priebus: “Moses brought the 10 commandments down the mountain to the Israelites.” (Priebus sees confusion on Trump’s face). “Charlton Heston was Moses in ‘The Ten Commandments’

    Donald: “Ah. Got it.” (turns to Gingrich) “Now, what were you saying about Moses?”

    Gingrich: “OK, Moses was coming down the mountain after talking with God, and his face was glowing so brightly that it scared the Israelites to death. He took pity on them and veiled his face, and then they could look up and hear what he had to say. If Moses could hide his own glory a little bit for the sake of his people, surely you could do the same.”

    Donald: “OK, for the sake of My People, I’ll dial my glorious self back a notch.”

    * * *

    To borrow from Billy Crystal, good luck storming the castle, fellas. It’ll take a miracle.


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