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Day 73: White Supremacy and Race Hatred

Now, suddenly this week, it’s okay to talk about White Supremacy and Race Hatred as part of the presidential campaign.  America has been waiting for this moment since at least 1948, when Strom Thurmond led the Dixiecrats out of the Democratic National Convention to seek the presidency on an explicitly segregationist platform — which is what they called White Supremacy in the mid-20th century.

It might be called the Alt-Right now, but it’s the same viewpoint as then: white people are better than anyone.  Finally, Americans can talk about it as part of our presidential campaign, because one candidate (Hillary Clinton) finally had the courage to speak out about her opponent’s bigotry, race-baiting, and explicit, welcomed support among White Supremacists.  No candidate — not Richard Nixon in 1968, not George McGovern in 1972, not Jimmy Carter in 1980 — none has spoken as openly as Hillary Clinton has this week about an opponent’s campaign’s foundation in the race hatred that is America’s original sin.

Now, we can all talk about it.

We can speak openly, finally, about the Southern strategy, the Second Jim Crow Wave of voter suppression, the White Pride at the core of the Grand Old Party of the 21st century — and whether Black Lives Matter in America.  It’s okay for everyone to talk about it, because a candidate put the topic on the table for the very first time in 2016.

So — let’s all talk about it.

Let’s talk about White Supremacy.  Let’s talk about race hatred.  Let’s all discuss Racism in its many and varied institutional, societal, ingrained forms in American society.   Hillary Clinton, for the first time among presidential candidates, has given the American people permission to talk about it during a presidential campaign.

Let’s start.


Day 98: Patriotism at the DNC

I’m really offended by the almost universal reaction among Our Liberal Media commentators that the 2016 Democratic Convention “looked and sounded like a Republican gathering” because there were American flags, US veterans and Gold Star parents, people who love our country and have sacrificed for us all.   The rich history of Philadelphia must have brought out the latent loyalty-to-country we Democrats have long concealed from our fellow Americans, or something….

It’s absurd.

Democrats have always loved our country: our proud dissent from some of the most misguided American policies in my lifetime has been the highest form of patriotism.  Yet you’d think Democrats just discovered love for country in 2016.  Not so: this simply illustrates that Our Liberal Media have long bought GOP accusations about Democrats hook, line, and sinker.  “Dissent is treason.”  Their wonder at our love of country says much more about their own inattention and willingness to accept GOP attitudes than it does about any evolution among Democratic patriots.

Excuse me, but your assumptions are showing.